An Impact is the financial, numerical, emotional and/or other quantifying result of a KPI or SLA that has either met or failed to meet the performance target. Impact types include Cost Savings, Benefit Realization and Risk Mitigation, among other areas. You can assign multiple Impacts to any KPI or SLA. As a best practice, we recommend gathering as many quantifying details as possible. For example, if a supplier revises a project completion milestone by 2 weeks on a 10 week engagement, you may want to quantify the relative numeric impact (delayed by 20%), and you may want to include the added costs for such a delay (25% increase in costs to the revised budget as a result of the delay), plus you may want to indicate how the organization is viewing the delay (adds another 10% of risk to the engagement success parameters). In this area, try to stay away from anecdotal stories only, rather try to distill that information down to meaningful data points that comprehensively quantify organizational impacts

** Also to note: These issues will likely also affect the supplier performance scores, so be sure to set up the survey process to poll the appropriate team members in the appropriate frequencies, with the appropriate questions so that your view of performance is as complete as possible.